Traffic Management USA, the installation/contracting division of Traffic Calming Services, has the most qualified and trained installers of road and highway surfacing products. From high friction and decorative stone surfacing to decorative/imprinted paving and slip resistant colored coating systems, Traffic Management USA's installers will ensure you achieve ultimate results on your streetscape projects from implementation to completion.

TrafficGrip High Friction Surface Installation Process

How is TrafficGrip Installed? TrafficGrip utilizes an epoxy resin that is applied to existing asphalt, concrete, wood or metal. The epoxy is spread and leveled and the specified natural or colored highfriction aggregate is applied to the surface. Excess aggregate is removed, leaving a durable surface that is resistant to gasoline, oil, and de-icing salt.

TrafficPrint Decorative Imprint Installation Process

TrafficPrint is hot-applied, stamped, synthetic asphalt surfacing material with the appearance of brick pavers that is ideally used for crosswalk treatments, sidewalks, medians and road delineation. TrafficPrint is quick to install and can be opened to vehicles and pedestrians in less than an hour.
  1. Hot-applied material, which is colored throughout, is poured onto asphalt or concrete surfaces
  2. Material is leveled from 5/8" to 3/4" thick
  3. Material is printed with the pattern of choice

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